Building A Foundation For Your New Life In The U.S.

Transitioning to a new home, especially in another country is a complex process. At Calderon Law , we work with individuals from across the world, helping them start off on the right foot when making a big transition.

From her office in Las Vegas, immigration attorney Vissia Calderon has been working with international individuals in a wide range of immigration issues, including:

Have Your Questions And Answered And Take Action In International Law

Our clients walk into our office with a wide range of concerns. They may be getting married to a United States citizen. They may be facing potential removal or deportation, either as a new immigrant or as an immigrant who arrived in the United States as a child. They may be starting a new job in the United States or may be an employer seeking assistance in bringing a foreign national to the U.S. for an employment opportunity.

In all cases, we take the time to address each client’s unique concerns, proceed through the complex immigration process with attention to detail. Our primary goal is to help our clients build a new life in the United States that is legal and protects their rights as well as the rights of their family and loved ones.

Attorney Vissia Calderon has worked in this complex area of law for more than 15 years, both in her native Philippines as well as throughout the United States from her office in Las Vegas, Nevada. Being an immigrant herself has given her a unique perspective in this area of law. She knows firsthand the challenges that her clients face and the ways to overcome those burdens in the legal realm. She prioritizes competence, efficiency and affordability in her practice as an immigration attorney, and has a record of success in achieving the best possible outcome for each individual she works with.

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*Our attorney is also fluent in Tagalog.